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The crackle of an old record player starting up.

The imperfections & improvisations at a live concert.

There’s something in those things, something unexplainable, but somehow it touches our hearts, it makes us feel & takes us away to another time, another place.

In 2018 all my Family Lifestyle Sessions will be captured on old skool Film Photography… Yeah you might have noticed me sneaking it into sessions already & showing only those frames.

So why film photography?

Ahhh good question you’ve asked haha

You see I’m a perfectionist buuuut unfortunately of course, in no way does that mean I’m perfect, well who is?! So for me, film kinda un-does that feeling, that need to make perfect photographs. And maybe that doesn’t matter a whole lot to anyone in particular. But for me, it feels right & feel soooo excited about Lifestyle Family Sessions when I’m capturing on film.

But I hear you… “Say whaaaaaat Kelly, you don’t want to make perfect photos for us” Well the answer to that is of course I do, but I also want to make soulful, creative & artistic photos for you & that doesn’t always mean perfect.

To me, film is charismatic, it has a 3D depth, colours & tones that are true to life & won’t go out of style.

But what I love most of all, is there’s a little bit of the unknown in film photography… By not completely knowing what I’ve captured I have to trust in myself technically… And just as much creatively. It helps me slow down & really see what’s in front of me. It helps me be playful & look for the light & search for the moments. It creates a place for acceptance in my mind, it’s part letting go to create what I don’t know & part truly holding on to what I already do know. It’s the perfect mix of control & being out of control.

In some way, it kinda feels like settling, not the kind of settling as in ‘oh this will do’… But it more of a settling into the beauty of imperfection. In essence it is wabi-sabi, it’s simple, the process is slow & through it’s imperfections of the grain & blur & the contouring of the light annnnd the lack of control it reveals an authenticity.

Something that’s deeply connected to the very thing I’m capturing, a process that mirrors all those beautiful perfect imperfections of life, of family & of love. And just like the crackle of a record starting up or a band playing live, the imperfections that we know so well, wraps it’s self around our hearts & sings to our soul…

It makes us feel…


A little Sunday outing with my family, shot on Portra 400 Canon1V & Pentax645n Dev & Scan Atkins Pro Lab

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