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about me


Brisbane Wedding Photographer, Newborn & Family Portrait Photographer. I’m a light catcher & story teller… that’s me, well mostly, but of course there is way more…

I have two very busy and incredibly gorgeous boys, a best friend in a husband and a long legged Beagle named Leo (yep named after the famous Leonardo… the Ninja Turtle of course). I love everyone of my wonderfully, delightfully and sometimes crazy family (oops did I say that out loud), all of the time. I loved growing up in the country and now love living in the city. I love to reminisce and I strongly believe that dessert should be served before the main.

I love to hear and capture unique and individual stories of love and life. I absolutely cherish the connection I develop with my clients and  I work hard to provide high quality photographs that capture the lighter and brighter moments in life.

I hold a bachelor of photography (commercial) and graduated from the queensland college of arts with multiple awards for excellence and was even invited to join the golden key honours society…yeah I know, well la de da!

So what does it mean to have a fancy schamancy degree from an artsy fartsy college. It means that dedicated many many years of my life to learning the art & craft of photography. And it means that I am a qualified photographer.

So, today and always… I continuously strive for personal and professional excellence and difference.

I have so far worn many shoes in life (I know it’s meant to be hats but well I’m much more of a shoe kinda girl) it is this that has allowed me to view the world around me in a unique way and to appreciate balance & simplicity. And as such, my style is a little different… It’s soft, colourful, light filled & a fine balance between gentle direction & truthful documentation.

I would love to tell your unique and individual story through my unique and individual photography.