Creative Branding Packages


The best thing about your business, is YOU!

If you’re a creative, a small business owner, a sole trader, a hairdresser, a designer, a stylist, a wedding vendor, a one person show, a yogi, a naturopath, a blogger, if you’re anyone who’s business or product is actually made up of mostly you & the service you provide & you need some photos for your website & social media…Well you’ve come to the right place.

A Creative Branding Session is exactly what you need if you’re looking to reach out to your audience either on your website or on social media & present yourself as a professional. Unlike other super boring head-shots or branding photography it’s all about you & me, working together to find a vision & capture the real you, so your audience can get to know the real person behind the brand & business name.

But gah, don’t be boring! For the love of creativity & for your creative soul please don’t get those standard head & shoulder shots or boring as batcrap fashion shots that everrrrrryone else has zzzzz… Let’s do you, let’s do your label, your brand, let’s tell your story with creativity & vision, with heart & soul…

To see a selection of photographs from my Creative Branding Photo Sessions please take a look through my folio here.

Here’s what Chloe from Sparkle on Darling had to say about her blog launch & photos…

“Let my new adventure begin! Just know that I don’t think I could have done it without you, truly, without your magic, you have truly helped me create the vision I have been dreaming of. Forever thankful & forever grateful X Chloe”



Marketing & Branding Lifestyle Photography Packages start at $950, travel outside of Brisbane is subject to a travel fee.

So you’ve read enough & seen enough, you’re as keen as mustard, I’d so love to hear from you, Let’s Connect.

Oh I know, not everyone is so lucky so have a super creative ‘job’, I mean we do need level headed people to get stuff done in this world right? So wondering if I do do those boring as head shots, ahhh yes I do, but I’ll make you look super professional & ready to take on the corporate world.