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I’m a daydreamer…

My youngest boy often catches me daydreaming, he says; “Mum, were you just daydreaming, again”… to which I reply; “Ahhh yes, I think I was sweetie” and then I giggle.

That’s become a pretty common conversation between him & I. And I kinda think it’s remarkable that he notices me doing this, and I’m not sure if it’s good or bad… maybe, it means I need to be more present, but I’m kinda hoping it’s good thing too.

Without sounding weird & airy fairy, can I tell you that I dreamt about this session before it happened. Not like a sleep dream, it was more like a daydream or maybe a pre-visualisation which something I usually do before a session anyhow, but this was a little different because even though I hadn’t met or seen this sweet little family before, I saw them, I mean really saw them. Weird. Yes. Maybe… Even stranger still, I didn’t tell my husband this but showed him the photos & he said; “You know these people right, I feel like you’ve photographed them before”, to which I said; “Umm no”; then he says; “Well you’ve photographed them like you know them”.

So yeah it’s either a crazy coincidence or weird, maybe t’s just outright weird, I’m not completely sure.

Either way I surely am, a daydream believer…





Oh hey, thanks for sticking around… Are you interested in a photo session with me? I’m not like the others, I might dream about your session & I definitely will meet you like a long lost friend & I don’t do posey posey or perfect perfect, I do more like a bit messy & wonderfully real, just like life is…  If you think that’s the kind of photos you’d like, be sure to get in touch via my “connect” tab. Now booking for 2017.


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