The Art of The Quiet Photographer

A guide to a new deeper soulful approach to lifestyle photography & business for the introvert photographer.

It’s all about creating photography & a business that’s authentic to you, you the introvert.

Creating a style of photography & a way of doing business that has soul, depth, meaning & feeds your creative heart. It’s about discovering ways that you can be noticed by the right people & how you can reach your ideal clients.

Really it’s all about thriving in your photography & in your business by harnessing your propensities as an introvert.

So what topics do I cover?

The topics are huge, but the main areas that I know deep down in my heart that I can really give you something back are…

- Website & Portfolio Analysis: Constructive analysis, with real actionable tips & feedback. I will help you define & refine... So you can find your direction & purpose.

- Shooting & Editing: For connection, for creativity & for consistency. Every. Single. Time. 

- Marketing & Self-Promotion: Together we will identify your ideal client. We will also create real marketing & self-promotion strategies for you to action so you can reach your ideal clients in an authentic way... A way that feels like you.

- Film Photography: Getting started with film. Learn about metering, different film stocks, different formats & what labs to use.


It's for Photographers who are:

- Just getting their business started.

- Relaunching & moving into Lifestyle Photography or Wedding Photography.

- Photographers who need a lot of refining.

- And for Photographers who need a little refining. Little shifts can be just as huge!

But most of all it's for Photographers who are looking for direction & purpose... Photographers who want to create photography & a buisness that is bursting full of connection, soul, meaning & creativity.


In short it will all be all about you & what you need to shift & move forward. 

Learnings can be done as whole days, part days or even online, depending on what you are wanting to learn. 

Does that sound a little flakey? 

Seriously though, I really just want it to be all about you. You choose what topics you feel like you need the most, all or some, a little or alot. 


Oh gosh, this is awkward... I'm not so keen on shouting out about my wins & tooting my own horn... 

“You’re a quiet achiever.”

I’ve heard these words a number of times throughout my life… My first time I really remember, was in High School from my English teacher. Though over the years I think I really only ever heard the “you’re quiet” part. Thinking that was something a little wrong in that. But recently, I truly understood what this meant for me & I heard & felt those words sink right in.

So often in photography & in the business of photography we are told if you’re not busy, look like you’re busy, say you've got a limited number of spots left & create desire, fake it until you make it, if you want to be noticed, you need to be bold to be seen & loud to be heard, get exposure, be exposed... You need to market, market, market & hustle, hustle, hustle. I hear these things being said in the photography community all the time, all the time.… But what if that all just doesn’t feel right? Well, you’d probably be feeling like me & feeling super awkward, quietly cringing & not have a clue how you could possibly feel any meaning or authenticity about it all... And just like I was, it leaves you questioning how could any of that feel sincerely you?

But what if I told you there was a way.

For the last six years I’ve had the privilage of doing this photography thing full time, 2 years prior to that part time & 7 years before that a student of photography, the old skool way, learning the art & craft (yeah I know super indulgent). I'm not insta famous or nor do have thousands of followers or fans & I am certainly no cool kid, far from it, I may actually be the anti cool kid, particularly if you ask my kids, but, once a week I was being contacted by photographers asking me, how I do what I do, how do I edit, how do I capture such real genuine connections with my clients and how do I get all my work... This made me think, there is a way & I'm actually doing it... And that I really am already (quietly) achieving what so many photographers want to...

Light bulb moment...

I know this & I can show & teach others this. 

I truly & wholeheartedly would not offer something I didn't think that would help you shift to the next level if I didn't think I had something to give. I just wouldn't. 

I truly & wholeheartedly believe that I do have a wealth of knowledge, that will help you grow & move forward in your photography & your business. 

So yeah that's why me.

Because ultimately you believe that I have something to teach you.


Show me the money.

Just kidding...

But I can tell you it won't be as much as I've spent on accumulating all this knowledge. So that's good for you right?

Gah I dislike this part. 

I will add in pricing in here down the track, but for now, if you are seriously seriously interested, get in touch & let's chat about what you are really wanting & from there I can let you know how much. 

For Photographers