Portrait Photography Packages


My family photography is a little different…

I photograph to capture your HEART & SOUL.

My photography is soft & colourful, it’s the play between light & shadow and it’s a fine balance between gentle direction & an honest documentation.

I photograph for a story, a story made up of your real, beautiful & authentic connections. I photograph for your story with depth & lightness. I love the  perfectly imperfections of life & love. And I will look for the beauty in your big & in your little moments & the somewhere in between.

My photography style sits somewhere in between Documentary Photography and Portrait Photography. It’s life inspired, Lifestyle Family Photography.

I will capture for you, the quiet, the wild, the perfect & the imperfect, because that is where life is at, in all of it’s beauty.

When your memories of all those little details fade, it will be the photographs that you will come back to. That is the simple beauty of Lifestyle Family Photography, it’s the beauty of meaningful & real moments frozen in time. It’s the photographs that become our tangible memories, they take in all the details, allowing us to keep on revisiting and sharing our stories of life & love. They allow us to hold on to and to intensely savour the precious details of our life & our loves.

My photography is not for everyone… And that’s really ok by me. I like different, awkward & some weirdness. Well because that’s me too (I’m not completely totally weird though, just a little bit). My photography is not for you if you are wanting, the stock standard cookie-cutter traditional family photos, everyone look at the camera-&-say-cheese-&-smile. Sure I’ll get a couple of those shots but that won’t be the focus of your Lifestyle Session with me. And I’m not into making everything look absolutely perfect, photoshopping & styling with props.

My photography is for you… If you value photography as an art form… If you are wanting a reminder for tomorrow & the day after, when life feels hard & you’re running on that hamster wheel OR… Maybe you just want to hold on to the little moments, and want a reminder, that life has given you love-filled & soulful (EXTRA)ordinary moments. My photography is for you, if when you look back on your photos in 10, 20 or 50 years from now, you want you to feel, to really feel & really remember… All those little moments, the tender soft touches, the gentle sweet lasting kisses, those tight, tight safe squeezes, those real belly laughs, the wildness & the beautiful chaos of it all, and most important of all, if you really want to feel & remember that heart bursting love you all have for each other.

The way I will photograph your family will be simple, authentic, creative & beautiful. I will photograph your kids being kids & your family doing what families do. It will be all about capturing you, just as you are, right now, with those you love & the spaces you love to be in. PERFECTLY IMPERFECT.

To see full sessions of my most recent real Lifestyle Family Photography in Brisbane, at home or in the outdoors, please take a look through my journal {here}.

Ahhh so you’ve seen my work, and you LOVE it & now you want to know what COLLECTIONS & PRICES I offer… scroll on…


My pricing is very simple, and I have very carefully and thoughtfully brought together beautiful, and locally handcrafted Professional Photographic Products that you will use, love & cherish for life.

Your initial investment is the Session Fee, which is due at the time of your booking.



Your Session Fee includes:

  • A phone consultation discuss everything about your Photo Session.
  • Your Photo Session on location or in your home for 1-2 hours.
  • An online gallery for your viewing & selection.

Please note, the session fee does not include any images, printed or digital.

Individual Prints start at $75

Packages start at $850

All-inclusive packages start at $1250

Print Collection, Digital Collections, Framed Prints & Fine Art Albums are available.

Most families choose the All-inclusive package for $1250. Payment plans are available too.

I am available for Lifestyle Family Portraits in Brisbane, Toowoomba, the Gold Coast & the Sunshine Coast and throughout Queensland or Australia wide… Anywhere really, if you LOVE my work & would LOVE for me to capture you and your tribe, please get in touch.

I am terribly awful at selling stuff… so I will stick to what I know best, and that’s capturing your unique and individual love and life story through my unique and individual photography. And well, all the other stuff is for you to decide on what you feel will best hold these moments together to keep on telling your story.

Oh hey you’re still here! Wonderful! And you’ve decide you LOVE my work & you think I’d be a great fit for telling your story and you’d like to know more… Perfect, LET’S CONNECT. Head on over to the CONNECT tab (on the menu bar) & tell me a bit about yourselves.

Sooooo you are all booked in & now you want to know the details of HOW, WHEN, WHAT, WHERE, & the what if’s… LOVE-ER-LY… I’ve put a little Lifestyle Photography Guide together for you below…



Get in touch! I’d love to hear from you as soon as possible so we have a chat & work out what you want from your session. Like what you really want. I’m a big believer that the best portraits are made when it’s a truly collaborative process. So together lets make some magic.

A $200 booking retainer is required to secure your booking with me and the remaining balance is due just before your session.

Before we get started on the day we’ll have a little chat, get to know each other a bit more, I’ll tell you a bit more about my ‘plan’ & you tell me anything you want to, then I’ll have a sticky beak around the your home or the location looking for the light & where will work best visually.


Now. Now is absolutely the right time. That’s the best thing about Lifestyle Family Photography anytime is the right time. It can be to celebrate a special milestone in your life or it can be just because. Just because you want to celebrate & hold on to life as it is now.

I generally will have two session times available on a day, either in the morning or the afternoon. An in-home session is a bit more flexible as the big bright sun isn’t really an issue, mid-morning or late afternoon is great also. But if we are going outdoors for your session a very early sunrise start or late afternoon sunset session are the only times I will photograph so we get that amazing light.


Your Lifestyle Portrait Photography is best done somewhere that is meaningful to you. I can come to you in your home, or we can head outdoors to a favourite spot.

At home we will use your cosy bed, your backyard, the lounge room or even the bathroom.

For outdoors sessions, I’m very much guided by the places you love to be in & the things you love to do. Maybe the beach or a local coffee shop or a nature reserve park… and of course I’m more than happy to offer some suggestions of lovely locations too.


What to wear? This one feels like kinda a big deal… am I right?

Most importantly, be comfortable & be yourself.

Think about the environment you will be in & wear something that suits that.

Collectively, outfits that co-ordinate look great, but the matchy-matchy thing, not so great. You remember that white top & blue jeans look that everyone did in the 80’s, well it’s best it stay back there… Oh gosh, no big labels across your shirts gah & no sports shirts, they’ve got enough advertising going on right you don’t need to look like your family is sponsored by Nike?!.

Free & flowing or jeans & a top always work well for the Mammas. Casual & relaxed; wear something that feels like you. Really just something you feel confident & comfortable sitting, standing, laying down or even rolling around on the ground in. Cover the bits you don’t like, make the most of the bits you do like. Same goes for Dad, something he feels comfortable in. T-Shirt & jeans or shorts work well. I love to get your shoes off too, it feels more real!

Oh did I mention… Be comfortable & be yourself. That’s who I want to capture, you, as you!

Still stuck, have a look through my portfolio to see what my other families wore.

What do you do to prepare your home?

Neat, tidy & clutter free. Whatever you don’t want in the photos hide away. Buuuut it’s so important for it to feel like your home too. Depending on the best light, I typically will use the master bedroom, the nursery or kids room/s, the lounge room & sometimes even the bathroom or kitchen! Oh yeah & clean(ish) sheets, would be super, cuz I might get you to be all cuddles in a messy bed.


What if the kids muck up or are crazy rough & tumble & full of beans, what if they decide to be brats and have a tantrum, or what if my baby needs a feed. It’s all good! That’s life right? The routine of life, the emotional roller coaster of the highs & lows, it’s all apart of it & I will look for the beauty in just that. I like a little crazy wild so let the kiddos be that, I love to let them be kids and I do have some tricks up my sleeve to get them on my side too. I’m also super patient, there will be plenty of time for feeding & I easily go with the flow.

Annnnnd what if you feel totes awkward in front of the camera? You are not alone! I’d have to say most of my families are a little camera-shy. So. Am. I. I just ask you to let go a little, be present in those little moments & be yourself, just love on each other & I will do the rest.

Haven’t booked in yet… I’d so so LOVE to hear from you, lets do this, yeah! Head on over to CONNECT WITH ME.