Travelling Vietnam With Kids

I’m not a big believer in luck. Particularly when it’s attributed with success, whatever that is. Well sure, ok, there’s a bit of luck, right time, right place, right access. But then every time I travel I am always reminded of just how lucky I am. How lucky we are to even get to travel, how lucky we are for our education, health care & standard of living. How it was just out of pure luck & randomness that I was born in Australia to my parents & to have the opportunities I’ve had.

Oh this place, Vietnam, stole my heart, it’s chaotic, noisy, bustling, hustling & at times I found it too much… but somehow it just seems to work. The people seem happy & forgiving, family is everything, yesterday is the past, tomorrow is worth it, but today, today is where it is at.

So I guess although it took a bit of hard work & few pennies saved to get to Vietnam, we were pretty lucky to get this experience & most of all, to experience it with the kiddos. Sharing & learning experiencing all the new things, they were teaching us just as much as we were teaching them. Being together without the distractions that everyday life makes you catch, that time together was everything, & I feel so lucky, because it’s these moments of togetherness that matter the most.

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This is a part of a blog circle Moments That Matter with some super talented photographers please use link below the photos to follow on the circle.

All photos taken on 35mm film camera with 50mm lens.

Well that was epic amount of photos right? Well thanks so much for sticking around please head on over to Juanita from Little Forrest Photography’s Blog to see her Moments That Matter.


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